Chocolate Swirl and Lace

Thinking ahead about Valentine's Day chocolate came to mind and, of course, hearts. I wanted something different than red and pink. Color is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Nothing better than having all of my floss out around me organized by color in a huge wheel and I get to put them together to see if they sing or scream. I especially love the hand dyed colors because I can use less and get more in my designs. I chose just a few colors for my chocolate swirl project - purples and greens. I loved the combination. I have also been in a green mood with my knitting project. When my sister and her husband brought their sweet new baby girl to visit us in Nevada this summer we visited "Jimmy Beans Wool" in Reno and I bought some luxurious alpaca and silk yarn. I love to touch it. Seems to melt through my hands. I chose a fairly easy lace pattern - to me a lace pattern would be the only type to do this yarn justice. I just knew it would drape beautifully. It had been awhile since I knitted and there is a little humble spot where I knitted the row wrong, but I left it. A little reminder that it will be okay, I'm okay too - plus have you ever tried to pull out a row of lace knitting and make it right again... not worth the headache to me so I decided to leave it and be humbled. tremendous growth for myself- but i still like as perfect as I can get projects... hope the holidays bring you much happiness and peaceful time crafting - very necessary for a balanced life...
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