Thursday, August 16, 2007

a writing place

i decided to set up a blog to see what online journaling was like. i used to journal in pretty little fabric covered books for years. this feels like i am opening myself wide up for all to see, as a very private person it feels very strange! but i want to try it. i guess i am just wanting to use this as a space to explore ideas in my work, see if i get any constructive feedback from others. hopefully i will connect with others with similar ideas as me. feels fun to just kind of ramble.

i have moved recently to a new town in the northern desert of Nevada (haven't moved in 15 years, very long time for me!). i really like it here and it is just now feeling like we are settled here and not on a long vacation. i have had different doors open for me with new areas to explore. i just opened a shop on etsy and greeting card universe. really like these new venues for my work. meeting so many cyberspace people, wish it was that easy for me in person!
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