Birth Month Flower Needlebooks

I've started September Morning Glory and I wanted to get all the needlebooks out that I've completed in this series to see which finishing techniques I liked best. 

I really like the needlebooks finished as May and June were with a border of fabric on the left side.  I tried a few larger needlebooks with several fabrics inside and larger pockets.  The fabrics are for practicing stitches or sewing on buttons/button collection or scraps of favorite fabrics.  I had a book like that when I was learning to sew.  I practiced hooks and eyes, buttons and snaps in it.   Think I was about 10 :)  
Having the fabric around the design really makes the colors stand out, like on August Poppies. 

As I was gathering them up to put them away I thought the colors looked nice so wanted a couple different photos for variety.  I love colorful fabrics.   

June was one of my favorite needlebooks.  I really like pink.  Hope you have a good week. 

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