Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage Workbaskets and Small Purses

We took a daytrip to visit several antique shops last weekend and I found a few books (I like to collect older books and found a great Alfred Hitchcock story collection) and these neat 1950s Workbasket magazines.  I like older magazines that have the hand drawn ads and illustrations.  Reminds me of Darrin Stephens in Betwitched hand drawing his ad campaigns.  Did you watch that show?  I still love it.   

I've been making purses lately and made a few Princess Purses with this pattern from Moda Bakeshop.  It is so cute and very easy!  Cute for little girls.  

I've also made a selection of frame purses for our Christmas Craft show using frames from WhileBabyNaps  they have great directions and supplies.  I love making them.  At first I was a little nervous putting the frames on but they get easier the more you make.   

I like making them in different sizes, patterns and colors.  I think I may need to keep one but haven't decided which one yet.   Wishing you well if you're back east where Sandy is!  Hope you stay safe.     

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