Blue Flowers Art Fabric Placemats

I selected four of my fabric samples to make a set of placemats with the sample in the center. I used commercial fabrics built up around it to make a placemat. This sample is Blue Lilacs and Columbines
and I scalloped the edges with a rotary cutter.

This sample is Forget Me Not which is from a watercolor painting and has similar values of blue on a white background.

This is one of my first fabric samples Purple Pansy Watercolor and it prints really well with deep royal purple flowers and a light watercolor wash behind the flowers.

This is a drawing study of a white windflower in different stages of growth with watercolor wash.

The whole set goes together pretty well I thought and I tried to find fabrics of the same value of blue with green accents of similar shades. I set these on the table during the day and take them off before our meals so I can save them for a while, the family can eat on older stained ones :)


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