Vintage Linens and Butterfly Embroidery

I went to the local shops last weekend and was happy to find some vintage linen napkins in the little antique shop. I like to collect vintage linens and thought I might try to embroider a little design on them and see how that turns out. I really like linen fabric too, one of my favorites. I thought the dots on the sage green fabric would be fun to embroider in .
I got a copy of Victoria Magazine's special issue "Gardens of Bliss" and it is beautiful! Highly recommend it if you like flowers. I also bought some spring flower fabric squares. Some to embroider on and some to finish my embroidery with. I liked the orange. I've heard people say that is the most unpopular color, but I've really come to like orange.

My sister is expecting a baby in July so I bought this little handmade bib for him. I thought the bug fabric was cute and the sewing is so nice on the bib.

I finished my butterfly embroidery set this week. I finished it with some fabric I designed at Spoonflower which was so much fun and plan on doing more. The lavender swirl fabric bordering the embroidery is the fabric I designed then I added yellow commercial fabrics to make a runner.


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