Saturday, March 26, 2011

Butterfly Embroidery and Blue Lilacs

I have been feeling a bit of cabin fever lately so I wanted to stitch something spring-like and found some butterflies to do. Nice bright colors in orange, red and yellow from The Gentle Art. I bought a pack of precut Moda fabric squares and chose one of those to embroider the design on. I will make it into a little ornament when I'm done.

I also embroidered another part of the design on a white linen towel. I bought the towels from an ebay seller last year and really like them. Hopefully I can find her again to buy some more. Tea towels are fun.

This is my progress on my blue lilac design. I'm thinking I will sit down this weekend and watch a little Cleopatra (one of my favorite movies with Elizabeth Taylor in it) and stitch some more. I found a site where I can design my own fabrics with my art work so I plan on finishing this design with some of those fabrics, very excited about that. Will post about that soon!

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