Needlework Bookmarks and Purple Flowers

I have had a goal this year to create lots of needlework bookmarks. I've alternated between cross stitch and embroidery to see which I like better or be able to switch depending on my mood. Usually, I just like cross stitch. I love the orderly way it is done and I after I have the design started I can switch to a different section of the design and work with a different color if I want to. I've not worked with black much in the past for some reason, maybe because it is such a strong color, I thought it would dominate the design. At times this year I've felt BOLD I guess and put it in a couple of my designs and have come to really like it.

Then I found myself becoming mellow again and wanting my comfortable pastel routine and worked with soft shimmery light silks in some embroidery designs for these. It is nice to be able to switch as the mood changes.

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