new moleskin

i decided to play along and get myself a moleskin sketchbook to see what they are all about. i find myself sitting and waiting more. waiting for kids - need to do something so i have my moleskin companion now. i find myself just putting it with my keys ready to go. i need to practice drawing people - out of my comfort zone. i draw flowers and nature a lot probably because it is easy for me and i've done it for many years. i do a structure now and then, but people are fascinating and i would love to depict them better in my work. don't really know if my efforts are going anywhere, or if they are supposed to. have tried many venues in the past and none of them really lead anywhere, but they do make me happy. i guess that is what counts. sometimes it is hard to accept just that though. this is something i can do when i get old though. travel around and draw what i see. need something to do when i get old.


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