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Cottage Door Embroidery Pattern and Southern Bell

  I finished a little cottage door hand embroidery pattern this week and picked out the fabrics to sew it into something.  I was thinking of spring and gardens so wanted to embroider this little design.  I almost have enough little patterns like this to put a collection of patterns together in an ebooklet.       I went to an antique show last weekend and found this bright cheerful southern belle embroidered dresser scarf.      I really liked it because of the colors and the nice condition it is in.  It's done on really nice fabric and I liked the cross stitches also.   It's a great addition to my collection and my first southern belle, so I'm happy.  Have a great weekend.   

July Larkspur Birth Month Flower

  I finally finished the next pattern in the birth month flower cross stitch series I've been working on and the pattern is on the way to distributors.  I've had some other projects come up and this series was put on hold for a bit, but I'm glad to be back to it.  I designed the pattern for August poppies this week and picked out flosses.  Another birth month flower for August is gladiolus, but I like poppies a little bit more so went with those.  Looking forward to starting them.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Wildflower Hearts Embroidery Tote for Valentine's Day

  I've been working all week on this project so I can enter it into the Craftsy Valentine's Day contest.  I wanted to embroider a little wildflower patch of heart flowers and I envisioned it on a zip pouch or a tote.  The tote won out since I wasn't up for a zipper project right now.       I wanted to do a patchwork strip like I did on my chickadee zip pouch but wanted it to definitely be a design element on the tote so planned better on this project.  :)  I'll have this up in my Craftsy and other shops soon so you can find it if you're interested.   I haven't worked with silk ribbons in a while so I got them out and made some simple little flowers and a sweetheart pink needlebook.  I love Valentine's day because I can work with lots of pink.