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A Christmas Apron

  Inspired to take a break and sew yesterday so I looked through my collection of quilting and sewing magazines for an inspiring pattern.  I found an apron pattern in the "Simple Quilts" issue.    I bought some pretty Christmas fabrics with a robin egg blue theme a few months ago and have been saving most of it for a special project.  I didn't know what it would be, but knew it would come to me...     I had enough to make the "for the cook" apron and cut out all the pieces.    I like projects like this because I always learn something new.  This pattern has a gathered top around the neckline and four pleats at the waist, both were new to me.  As I was evaluating my project, I noticed my straps didn't match up with the waist, but I think I know what I did.  I've done it before with quilting projects.  I don't pay close enough attention to my seam width so on some I sew a 1/4" seam and on others 3/8" and so on, and t

Chickadee Hand Embroidery and Bird Inspiration

  The robins have been visiting our trees a lot lately to grab the little plums still hanging on.  They've been inspiring some of my bird designs.  I like robins, they're a brave bird and stay around a while if your near.        I started a little chickadee hand embroidery pattern on some soft blue batik fabric.  I added some little pink blossoms to the tree branch for a little more color, but overall I wanted it to be a winter color palette.      The little chickadee is in my Spoonflower fabric sample called "The Birds"  along with a bluebird, cardinal and a gnatcatcher.  I love gnatcatchers.  They're so small and chubby.  I hope to see one some day.       He's also in a "Thinking of You" greeting card.      Do you read MC Beaton novels?  I really like her Agatha Raisin series, really funny.  Now and then I'll read one of her Hamish Macbeth novels.  They take place in Scotland and are mild mysteries.  She use

Sagebrush Sisters Art and Craft Fair

  I belong to a local art group called the "Sagebrush Sisters" and we had our annual  Christmas Art and Craft Fair last weekend.  It's a lot of fun, a lot of work and a great way to end the year.  We have some loyal customers who come every year and it's fun to see them.  I'm always amazed that I only see some of them once a year considering the small town we live in.      There are about 15-20 artists and crafters and everyone's items are different.  We try to make it unique with rustic/shabby style displays using muslin cloth, old doors and windows.  This year we had some apple boxes to display items in.        We hold it in the old post office that has been maintained and still has lots of charm.  This year we had live music and a face painter for the kids (and adults too :)  It was fun and now we can settle in for the holidays.  Wishing you very happy holidays!      

Christmas Pillows and Watercolor Fabrics

  Our local art/craft show is this weekend so I've been working on some pillows and other things to take to the show.  They've been fun to make using my  drawer of scrap fabrics.  I think that may be my favorite part, sitting down with the design and my drawer and finding coordinating fabrics.      I received my Spoonflower fabric samples back and think they printed nicely.  This is kind of a "Farmer's Market" collection that wasn't planned.  :)          Watercolor dots, lots of dots!  These fabrics are fun for kids items.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  Here comes Christmas, ready or not! :)