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Christmas Tree Pillow and Snowfamily

I spent the afternoon sewing yesterday, the mood finally struck. I decided to make patchwork pillows from some of my latest needlework projects. I collect small snippets of fabrics, buttons, laces and such and they work great for these pillows. I like to visit quilt shops for the fat quarter sections. These are really easy to make, great for a quick simple project. Please check back during the online retail needlework show as I will have a new tutorial up on how I made the Christmas tree embroidery pillow. Oh, and hope to see you at the retail show too,

Blossom Street and Flower House

These are my two latest patterns I displayed at the online needlework show. Lots of visitors and it is always fun to hear from stitchers around the country and see what they like. I am very glad cross stitching is still loved by many as it is a very favorite of mine. It is one of the most enjoyable crafts I know of to work with great colors. I really love color.