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Crayon Tinting Embroidery and Farmer's Market Tote

I've been wanting to color tint an embroidery design and decided to try it today since it's too hot to be outside drawing or gardening... It is super easy.  I use a black Micron pen to outline the design so it won't rub off when coloring and ironing.  I used four different colors for the flowers with yellow and orange on the inside.  Two different greens for the leaves. After the coloring is finished I put the fabric in between two pieces of paper and ironed it to melt the wax into the fabric to keep it from waxing the floss or smearing the fabric where I don't want it to :)    I chose floss colors a little darker than my coloring for the outside of the flowers and leaves.  I chose an orange for the center.  I've used stem stitch on some of the leaves and back stitch on the rest so far.  I like the back stitch better as it outlines the flowers better for the effect I am looking for.  I finished my Farmer's Market tote this week.  I put the handles on

Rise and Shine Hand Embroidery Pillow

This week I finished my "Rise and Shine" embroidery pattern that has a very bright theme, some orange butterflies and a few wildflowers.  I'm making a set with "Sweet Dreams" to go with it.    After finishing the pillow i wanted to do the crochet border around the edge.  I found a great pattern for it on the You Go Girl blog.  I've seen it on so many pillowcases lately and it turns out really cute!  First I did a blanket stitch around the edge.   I hemmed the edge of the pillow fabric first and used a large needle with "Comfy" fingering yarn from Knit Picks  in Sea Foam.  It is a little heavier than crochet cotton and I liked the softness of it.    Single crochet in the blanket stitch around.  I made a change here from her directions.  I only put two single crochet stitches in each blanket stitch because it was starting to ruffle a bit and I didn't want that. Five double crochets in a single crochet for the shell stitch

Pink Poppy Cross Stitch and Purple Knit Tote

I've been working on another collection of little bookmark designs and just finished this pink poppy flower with Gentle Art Sampler Flosses.  I wanted to use colors for an autumn theme set, but have been a bit stumped on other designs to go with it.  Feel like my idea well is dry so I've decided I need to do some other things for a bit to get inspired again.   This is what I've been working on to take a break from designing.  I joined Ravelry and found this great pattern for a cotton beach tote.  I started this one made of cotton yarn that I ordered from Knit Picks.  So far it is a really fun project, I only had to start over once, so I still like the project :)  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  I took a long break from knitting so my skills are a touch rusty, but it is great to be back at it.  I've always loved knitting, all kinds of needlework really.   Hope you have a good weekend.  (It's been in the 100s here lately and too hot for me so I will