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FREE fabric swatch on Spoonflower!

This is a great way to try out some fabric from Spoonflower!  Free swatches for 24 hours!  Their fabrics are fabulous and print beautifully.  You can click here to visit my  Spoonflower Shop 

Easter Rabbit Hand Embroidery Pattern

Thinking of Easter I painted some white rabbits and chickadees this week for greeting cards and a different type of embroidery pattern than what I've done before.    I made the initial drawing into a pattern and it will work as a coloring page too.  There seems to be coloring pages all over now.  Coloring books for adults.  I love them.  Great for relaxation and a meditative experience.   More information on the  White Rabbit Embroidery pattern here. 

Winter Botanicals Hand Embroidery Pattern

I took a bit of a break from designing embroidery over the holidays.  I hope your holidays were good.  I've been inspired by winter plants and natural linen tea towels.  A light box is definitely nice for transferring the pattern to natural linen tea towels since the fabric is a little thicker than the white linen.  It's a fun pattern with lots of lazy daisies (one of my favorite stitches) and the white oatmeal colored floss from The Gentle Art looks great on the linen.