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Blooming Pink Tulips

Inspired by all of the blooming daffodils in my neighborhood I decided to draw some tulips. Sometimes I have a hard time getting my colored pencil to show up well on the scans so I decided to leave more white and see how that worked. I like the value contrast and the white showing through. Still too cold to plant here I think so my mums are still near a sunny window. Getting ready for my online needlework show on April 16. Still working on a little lady who loves her garden pattern and the third embroidered tulip pattern that will complete my set of three. I am going to make a wall quilt out of the three embroideries using purples and greens in the fabric. Will be a new project for me, haven't used several embroideries in my wall quilts yet, hope to get the measurements right.

First Day of Spring

Very excited today is the first day of spring and a beautiful one at that here where I am in the high desert. Very quiet morning and I am inspired to write. Got a new book yesterday - Amy Butler's "In Stitches" and I am terrifically excited to begin a project. I definitely want the bedside caddy to hold my novel - I love to read before sleep. I also bought my first flower plant for our new home - a daisy like mum. My grandmother has always grown these and they turn out so beautiful and bloom a long time. They grow into a beautiful round mass covered in flowers. I hope I can grow mine as well a she did hers. I am anxious to go and visit the nurseries to see what they have for spring planting, but not until a few more weeks have passed. Still too cold at night. During the day though we have lots of sun and people in the neighborhood are beginning to water their yards.

Ribbon Embroidery and more Tulips

Very inspired by spring and warmer temps. and sun, lots of sun. I decided to use some of my favorite quilting fabrics and ribbon embroidery together. I love the cottage look. A house that looks like it has come together over time and is very cozy with quilts here and there, baskets, lots of sunshine and colorful things. Books too, love books. I enjoyed doing the silk ribbons and beads. The beads really pick up the different surrounding colors. Working on my third embroidery for my tulip series and I really like that. Really new at that type of embroidery and I love it, looks sharp.

Purple Tulip Garden

Anxious for spring and planting my garden. Painting one is almost as good. I love to sit outside and paint in the sunshine with the sounds of nature, fresh air and slight breeze. I sketch all the time during the season of light. I don't know if I have a favorite flower, all of them are very unique and I enjoy them all, except maybe orchids. I've never liked orchids much they remind me of venus flytraps and I think they will come alive.

Bright Pink Quilt Wall Hanging for Girls

I am working on a 9 patch wall hanging to decorate my daughter's room. Very new to quilting so this seemed an easy project to start with. The different mix of pinks is fun to work with and the dainty dresses fabric. I can see myself becoming a fabric collector very quickly. I will post the finished quilt, hoping it is presentable. It seems to be turning out okay so far.