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Birdhouse Towel Embroidery and Tulips

I finished my birdhouse embroidery pattern this week.  This is the last of the four patterns in this set so I plan on sewing the fabric borders next week.  All my fabric is put away right now because I needed to clean my studio corner of the house.  My son graduates tomorrow and we will be having family visit so had to tidy up a bit :)  I miss my little messy corner with fabric pieces and threads here and there.  It will be back to normal soon. I started my new tulip pattern.  This is the last one in a set of six tulip themed embroidery patterns.  I chose a very pink colorway and have some pink and lavender charm squares I plan on using to make something.  Not sure what yet.   I was out at the lake last weekend and thought the clouds were great.  I love big fluffy white clouds, cumulus ? I think, and it was very warm.  Nice day to be out.  

Redwork and Turquoise Poppy Embroidery

I just have a small project done this week.  I embroidered my poppy design on a small linen tea towel in turquoise.  I like the red and turquoise together.  I'm almost finished with my birdhouses which is the last pattern in this set of four patterns.  Will have that to show next week and hopefully have all the fabric borders on too.  Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!   

Cattails Embroidery and Knitting Mittens

I finished my redwork wheat pattern and my cattails embroidery pattern this week.  I loved doing the cattails, maybe because it was new/different subject matter for me.  I liked how the the colors went together too.  I used green, brown and blue.  The green flosses matched the side stripes pretty well.    I've been paused on my mittens for a bit since it has become so hot.  Haven't wanted to be around wool.  Think I'm becoming inspired to work on them again though I really like the pattern.  A colorwork pattern that is fairly easy to memorize.  Hope you have a great weekend!    

Herb Placemats and Wheat Redwork Embroidery

I've been working on some placemats using some of my Spoonflower samples.  They  turned out to have lots of herbs in them so I call them my herb placemats.  There's rosemary, garlic and some vegetables.  I want to find a soft yellow batik style fabric to go around the edge.  Hopefully I'll find something at the quilt show in a couple weeks.     I'm working on my second redwork towel and I drew a wheat pattern and am excited to finish it.  I remembered to use colorfast floss on this one so I'll be able to use it in the kitchen.  This design is kind of an experiment.  I designed a cat from one of my watercolor paintings and I'm using hand dyed floss so hopefully I will get a nice watercolor effect with neat shading.  I like how it is turning out so far.  If this one turns out I have two more I will stitch up for a set of three.  Not sure how I will finish them yet.    

Dragonfly Embroidery Pillow and Redwork Towel

I finished my dragonfly embroidery pattern into a larger pillow.  I had the pillowform already and got out some coordinating fabrics to put with it.  I added a little pink here and there and liked how that turned out. I have this drawer full of fabric bits and pieces left over from other projects.  I love to sit down with my drawer and pick out fabrics that could possibly work for a project.  I collect fat quarters throughout the year and don't throw any of the pieces away unless they are so small or narrow that they would be a pain to use.  There will be a quilt show here in May so I'm looking forward to adding to my drawer.     I decided on the dots, mostly because I had more of it, but I like how it turned out and the blues in the dots match the blues in the stripes pretty well.  These are really fun projects.  I forgot to use colorfast floss on this one so I won't be using it in the kitchen, display only.  I'm working on another one now and will show yo