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IF Tales and Legends

I love wizards and wanted to paint one for this topic. He is conjuring up some gifts for a birthday in this painting. Lots of fun, maybe will try a dragon next time. I loved the movie "Pete's Dragon" when I was a kid - i like dragons and would love to visit Maine.

IF Plain

Here are some plain flowers I tried my new gouache set on. I've only played with watercolor until now and really like the gouache, although have to remember not so much water... i like to use lots of water in my watercolor paintings! Very excited to start a painting class tomorrow. Will be painting models and trying my hand at acrylic. Branching out a little... Have a good week!

Illustration Friday - Stitch

This is one of my favorite things, to stitch. I turn a lot of my paintings and drawings into cross stitch designs - of flowers - but i'm sure you guess that already! I also admire quilting and sewing of any sort. Takes such talent and patience. My grandmother has given my family many beautiful quilts we display in our home and use all the time. Love their color and cozy feeling they give our home. Have a great weekend.

Illustration Friday - 100%

Took me a bit to think of something for this week's topic, but these roses seemed to be open 100% so I chose them. Lots of 10% color too, usually I like pastels. Venturing into new things maybe...

IF "Soar"

This topic brought lots of things to mind, first I remembered seeing a film of people flying off a huge cliff skydiving - they were thrill seekers. My son loved watching it, hope he never tries it... anyway I wanted something more gentle so I chose flower petals leaving the flower and soaring off into the wind. Happy New Year!