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Patchwork Flower Table Cloth

Today I was inspired to make a patchwork table cloth out of a stack of my Spoonflower fabric collection and I cut up twenty samples and made forty blocks to put together. I bought a little postcard pattern at a quilt show earlier in the year and used that for my pattern. I had a lot of pinks, mostly pinks and some blue/purples so I arranged them all in rows of eight with five rows total. I tried to put the blues and purples here and there to break up the pink a bit. Some of the fabrics have more white than others and I did the same with those. Most of the pinks were a similar tone so that helped with the color coordination. It is a bright and lively table cloth! and it makes me happy. I had a few yellow fabrics and some with bugs so I broke up the flower theme a bit with those. I decided to take it outside in my backyard to see how the colors looked out there and I liked that too. I just wish I had more pretty flowers in my garden to compliment the ta

Halloween Witch Embroidery and Bluebird

I started a new embroidery pattern for Halloween. It has three ghosts, a witch with her little black cat hiding behind her all in the pumpkin patch on the night of the full moon. I'm using Gentle Art Sampler flosses and picked up some bright autumn fabrics at the quilting store in town over the weekend. All the characters in this pattern make it fun to stitch, can't wait to get back to it. This is a little blue chickadee type bird in cross stitch. She's sitting in a tangle of tree branches with blooming pink flowers. I'll make her into a little ornament. I like having little cross stitch ornaments around the house. Adds lots of color here and there. While I was hunting for autumn fabrics I found some bright cherry red holiday fabrics so I'm hoping they will inspire a new holiday embroidery design. I really liked the red and turquoise colors together.

Watercolor Fabric Placemat Set

I've been making more placemats and used some of my Spoonflower fabric for the centers again. I matched them with complimentary commercial fabrics. Above is my Cosmos Key fabric where I drew some other treasures along with my white cosmos flowers. This fabric was from one of my journal pages and I called it Pink Petunia and Domino . It has a domino, an old broken purple bottle and ladybugs among the flowers. I loved the way it turned out. Really bright and pretty. This was an early garden sketch when the cosmos was at it's brightest and the parsley had nice large green leaves, I call it Cosmos Nature Journal Page . Now everything has faded a bit in the August heat so I like having this on my table. And my zinnia flowers from last year with a little yellow moth. I love the yellow moths that flutter around the garden. I called this one Red Zinnias Hope you have a great week!