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Nine Patch Needlebook and Petit Four Greeting Card

  Working with red and pink fabrics lately inspired by Valentine's Day.  I've made a couple nine patch needlebooks using fabrics from my scrap drawer.  A fun way to use up little pieces in colorful ways.     Heart watercolor fabrics for Valentine's Day. Some candy hearts and blue hearts.  There's also a book lovers fabric and medicinal herbs.  Needlebooks for hobbyists!    A sweet pink Valentine's Day card decorated with a little petit four candy and words painted in watercolor.  I've not tried a petit four candy before.  Think I need to put that on my list of things to do this year.  They look very good.  Happy weekend to you.

Felt Embroidery, July Larkspur and Chickadee

  Some felt needlebooks I've been working on this week. I really like embroidering on felt.  The floss and stitches show up so nicely on the felt fabric and it's easy to work with.  Felt comes in great colors too.     A bit of progress on my July Larkspur cross stitch design.  The design has some French knots and straight stitching to vary the design a bit.  I like to add different types of stitches to designs.  I'm looking forward to when it's finished so I can make a new needlebook out of it with some nice purple and lavender fabrics.   I finished my little chickadee into a zip pouch.  I was excited to put a row of patchwork squares on the front, but it ended up on the bottom after I added my gusset.  I should have put the patchwork strip above the plain strip.   Not great planning, but will definitely remember the next time I try to do that :)   Hope you have a nice weekend.  Sunny and spring-like here, but wishing for rainy snow or winter weather

Valentine Daisy Hearts Table Runner

  This week I worked on a Valentine project and loved it.  Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine.  And I really like pink.    I had to have some pink wrapped candy for the photo, which is a bonus.      In this project I dug into my box of scrap fabrics and used up some I've had for years, which made me happy so I can buy some more.  I've been saving the robin egg blue rose floral for a long time and this was the right project for it.      It was incredibly challenging for me to get a photo of the full runner.  I wanted to show the patchwork pattern and the embroidery on each end so I took an above "ceiling" view standing on a chair :)  You can find the pattern  in my Etsy Shoppe    Hope you have a good weekend.  

New Fabrics, Chickadee and Notions Mystery

  I went to one of my favorite quilt shops in Reno for their end of the year sale and had a great time picking out some fabrics to use in my projects this year.    I got a few bolder colors rather than my usual pastel favorites, not too bold, but bold for me.  I needed to add some reds to my collection and they are getting me inspired for Valentine's Day.    I loved this print and found some tiny trims to match.  Thinking of a spring pillow design with these.      After the fabric store I had to go to the bookstore (bookstores are my favorite).  I found a new-to-me cozy mystery series "The Deadly Notions Mysteries"  so I thought I'd try it out.  I like to collect vintage notions and it takes place back east ~ one of my favorite settings.      I finished my little chickadee embroidery and have fabrics picked out to make something.   I bought a grey zipper and am thinking of a little zip pouch out of the design.  Still thinking on it, ha

Lightbox Transfer of Hand Embroidery Patterns

  I transfer my hand embroidery patterns the good old-fashioned fashion way with a lightbox or a window.  I used to use a window often before my patterns got a bit bigger and before I purchased a lightbox, which I love.  I use a #1 Micron Pigma Pen in sepia or black. I like the sepia because it' s a little lighter in color.  For my embroidery projects, I use lightly patterned quilting fabrics, flour sack towels, Dunroven House Towels and white linen tea towels like the one above.  I press the fabric lightly before I begin.     I print out the pattern on a sheet of white paper and center it on the lightbox.   I center the towel or fabric over the design and an inch or so above the border.  When I use fabric I'll cut a piece 2" larger on each side of the design for a border to finish the design with sewing or framing.       The finished traced design.  The pen I used was brand new so the ink was plentiful and I barely touched the fabric with the ink