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Hand Embroidery Pattern Book Gift Sets

I've put together some nice gift hand embroidery sets that have a pattern book, a handmade needlecase, and four skeins of lovely hand dyed floss Click here for details This is my kitchen towels embroidery book with a pretty rose needlecase and four skeins of hand dyed floss.  Click here for details. This is an embroidery book filled with baby embroidery patterns that are nice if you have a little one you want to make something for. It comes with a cheerful butterfly needlecase and four skeins of hand dyed floss. Click here for details Get them while they last!

Home Decor and Market Totes with Spoonflower Fabrics

Free shipping on Spoonflower fabrics through March 8th. A great time to try their fabrics if you've been curious. They are wonderful! Click here to go to my Spoonflower shop  The shades of purple, blue, and green in the Cranesbill Geranium prints beautifully.   Lovely home decor fabric. Click here for details on my Cranesbill Geraniums fabric My Green Veggies fabric is fun for market totes.  Customers have made totes with this fabric using the canvas fabric. Fun to add to your shopping bag collection!    Click here to see my Green Veggies fabric