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Dress Form Cross Stitch and Studio Glimpse

I finished my little cross stitch dress form pattern. I used thin 1" strips of fabric to frame it and make a little wall banner out of it. It has little black ribbons on top to tie in a bow and hang. I have been wanting to use additional stitches in my cross stitch designs for more variety and interest - especially French knots. I love French knots. I used to use a lot of beads, but find I just like working with the floss - a textile thing I guess. This little pattern will be released tomorrow in my Artfire and Etsy shops. New for February! I thought I'd share some glimpses of my studio corner with you. I don't have a studio currently so I use a corner of our living room, which is good size, and I don't interfere with anything. It is bright with sunlight in the afternoon and I have all my inspiring books there. I have a little narrow book shelf to put my things on. I always have a designing journal/sketchbook going to play around in. I love magazines and w

Valentine Cross Stitch Patterns

I've been getting my Valentine cross stitch patterns out recently. It is one of my favorite holidays next to Halloween (complete opposite holidays - is that strange?) I think it is because I like pink and I love pumpkins - pink and orange are of the same color family so that makes some sense. I finally learned how to do hyperlinks (finally) so I am trying them out today. I am almost finished stocking my Artfire store. It will be nice because all of my patterns will be on there all the time. This is one of my favorite Valentine cross stitch designs because it is a swirly and carefree design the colors can be easily changed. I think I will stitch it again in different colors for a different season. I have a few Valentine patterns in my Etsy store too.

Artfire, Ellie Cat Progress, and Basket Lirine

I've been setting up shop at Artfire. It is an online marketplace a lot like Etsy, but you don't need to be a member to purchase items from there which makes it really nice. I have been putting my needlework patterns in my store the last few days and getting to know the site and learn about it. I almost have all of my Valentine related designs on there. Very excited about it! If you have a minute please stop by and I'd love to know how you like it. http:// This is Ellie Cat that I talked about last post. I've almost completed her, just a little more color and her whiskers. I made her a calico cat. I've never had a calico cat, but I'd like to someday. She'll do for now. She will be sitting in the garden when I finish stitching the pattern. A few weeks ago I talked about stitching on some linen cloths I bought and this is the first one I've designed on the linen cloths. I love this cloth. I really like lin

French Knots and Ellie Cat

I've been working on French knots today on a new pattern I designed. I found it to be easier if I skip a thread when going back through the knot rather than going through the same hole. Keeps it nice and secure. I really like making French knots. I've added a new little pair of embroidery scissors to my collection. I love little things and embroidery scissors are one of them. I also collect little books, like those little season books Mary Engelbreit used to publish... love those. The new pair is the black and white stork scissors on top. Cute. I really like how the little screw looks like the stork's eye. I got busy designing a new pattern today and selected some very warm colors from my Gentle Art floss collection. It is going to be a primitive design so I wanted muted warm colors. It is called "Ellie Cat". And I'm thinking of following the new fad I've noticed on Etsy of framing the finished design in a wooden embroidery ho

Free Cross Stitch Pattern

If you get a chance this month stop by Wichelt Imports and get this free pattern I designed for them for January. Happy New Year!