Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Pillow and Chamomile Tea

I've been wanting to embroider a hot air balloon for some time now and was finally inspired by the dark gloomy days (and news) to do something bright and colorful.  I gathered a handful of the most colorful fabric scraps from my scrap drawer and surrounded the embroidery with them to make a little patchwork pillow.  It was a fun project and brightened my day.

I also stocked up on some towels over the summer on my various visits to shops here and there.  Now I'm beginning to embroider them with some tea inspired designs.  I love these Dunroven House towels.  I found them at a quilt shop and bought three of them and now thinking I need more.  They are really nice, hightly recommend them!    

Some more fabric scrap ideas for you.  Save those small pieces!  I save all mine that are at least 2" square.  You can do something with them :)  I made some little pincushion scissor fobs and embroidered little designs on them, attached a little ribbon.  They work well as a little pincushion too.  They would also be cute as knob ornaments or gift package ornaments.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday and may peace fill your heart!  

Monday, December 10, 2012

January Birthday Carnation Cross Stitch Needlecase

I designed a set of birthday greeting cards with birth month flowers and was inspired to make needlecase patterns from the same idea.  I thought they'd make nice birthday gifts or to make one for your own birthday month.  The idea came late this year so I'm just getting this one out for January.  I hope to be more on schedule for the rest of the months throughout 2013.    

The inside view.  I've been putting just one piece of fabric for pockets but thought I'd try two with this needlecase so there are a total of four pockets.  I like this better.  This pattern comes with finishing instructions.  Hopefully it will be in your local needlework shop soon and I'll have it in my shops before too long. 

Last weekend we had our fifth annual Christmas Fine Art and Craft fair here in Fallon and it was really fun with lots of really neat items.  We hold it in our old post office that has been renovated and is the perfect place to have it.    

We had different props this year with more trees and a rustic theme that goes nicely with many of the items for sale.

Lots of nice light from the windows.  It was good weather over the weekend luckily, lots of people out and about.  

We had a good turnout and everyone had fun I think.  Looking forward to next year's show!


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