Monday, August 25, 2008

Flower Arrangements and Life Changes

I remember hearing "life can change on a dime" and I never really understood what that meant. I guess I thought it meant very quickly, unexpectedly - but what does that have to do with a dime. Because it is small? The smallest, thinnest coin? Still don't know but my father died unexpectedly last week and that thought came to me. My life does feel changed, a bit empty and it has brought me to a new level emotionally and mentally I think. Feeling a hurt so truly and deeply does bring change. On a happier note I am going to be doing a flower arranging class. I love flowers and am really looking forward to the colors and different flowers I will learn about. I am hoping for some healing too. I looked at the flower bouquets at my father's celebration of life ceremony and they were beautiful. Lots of yellow flowers ~ buttery yellow gladiolas, sunflowers with huge chocolate colored brown centers, sunshine yellow daisies. Yellow is a happy color and I am thankful for all of those bouquets in his honor, the thoughtful people who sent them, and the skilled people who made them.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New "Sketches from Nature" Embroidery Book

I am very happy that my embroidery and watercolor book is finished. It seemed to take most of my time for awhile. I put 24 embroidery designs in it along with lots of watercolor florals. The embroidery book is a collection of all my embroidery booklets - tulip embroidery, sketches from nature embroidery, daisy embroidery, and garden cart embroidery. It has a finished project of each category to show what the design looks like stitched up. I am publishing another book with my desert ghost town drawings in it that I have collected in my journals since my children were little. Very excited about that. It should be finished very soo. I have also been getting ready for the online Needlework Show in September. Wow, almost need another vacation.
I have the new Amy Butler design book and I have been slowly perusing it in the evening for relaxation. I love it because it is very different and fresh and brings lots of ideas to my brain. I got a couple other sewing books too - "Simple Sewing with a French Twist" which is very fun and different; I really like to see new projects and different styles. "Romantic Home Sewing" is just very pretty and I love pretty!
Summer has been very fast and fun and school starts in just two weeks. Surely I will have a little more time then, but maybe not - my teenage taxi service will be going full time again! I will be writing much more now that I have a little more free time.


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