Herb Embroidery, Vintage Tea Towels and Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I'm catching up on needlework now that vacation time has passed.  I'm glad I took a break because my interest and energy is renewed and I'm really enjoying this project.  I have basil to finish and oregano to do then they'll be ready to sew into something.  Still working on ideas there, I think.  

I went with my husband to Atlanta last week and toured the sites while he was in training.  He got to spend some touring time on Friday and we visited an antique shop in Dahlonega which is about an hour away from Atlanta where the first gold discovery was made in the 1800s before they discovered gold in California.  We enjoyed touring the museum and learn about how they retrieved the gold and saw some of the specimens.  

Here's another Spoonflower fabric sample from my latest shipment.  It's called Mod Flower Paper.  I designed it for one of their contests and we had to use certain colors.  I used illustrator for this design and had a lot of fun making the shapes, but watercolor painting my designs is still my favorite way to do them :)  

While touring Atlanta, I visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and it was fabulous.  They have a lot of living sculptures with colorful plants in them.  There are snakes, apes, rabbits, butterflies and more.  So much fun to see.  

I loved this frog sitting on the bench.  If you visit Atlanta I really recommend going to the botanical garden!  Hope you have a good weekend.  


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