Friday, July 26, 2013

Tulip Hand Embroidery Pillow and Blue Cat Greeting Card

I made a patchwork pillow with one of my tulip hand embroidery designs this afternoon.  Sometimes I don't sew my embroidery projects right away because I'm not sure what I want it to be or I don't have the fabrics I want to use yet.  I have a drawer full of fabric scraps so I picked out a few, mostly green, scraps to work with.  There is a lot of pink and lavender in the design so I guess I wanted to bring out the greens.  It was a spontaneous project...  

I put 2" strips on both sides of the embroidery piece and then made a strip of five 4" long strips about 2" wide and trimmed it on each end so it would match the embroidered piece.  I usually use 1/4" seams.  Then I put another strip on the end a little longer than my pillow form.  I usually lay the sewn piece on top of the pillow to measure, pretty easy and works good for me.  Then I added a 2" strip to the top and bottom the same length as the embroidered piece.  Cut a backing the same size, sew it together and hem the edges.  I like to put a pillowcase inside using some coordinating fabric so one end is open.  Then I put some ribbon or lace on the edge for a nice finish.  An easy way to finish hand embroidery, use up fabric scraps and have a new decoration for your home or a gift!      

A close-up of the embroidery and some of the fabrics. 

And I made a flower cat greeting card ~ Thinking of You card
Even in the digital age we're in, I think it's still really nice to send and receive greeting cards.  How about you?   Hope you have a great weekend.  Weather report here in Nevada is finally below 100 for a few days thankfully!  

Friday, July 19, 2013

May Lily Cross Stitch and Halloween Quilting Fabrics

I started a series of birth month flower cross stitch projects this year and  I'm almost finished with May Lily.  I'm a little behind schedule because I've been illustrating a children's book for my mom.  It is a family project and I wanted to get the paintings done this summer so the book will be ready by Christmas.  I'll post about it when it is done!  I'm excited to see it.  

Now that I have more time I want to design a Halloween embroidery pattern.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to design for.  I went shopping at one of our local quilt shops this morning and found some great Halloween fabrics.  I love the witch and her purple cauldron in the first fabric.  I got some dots, cobwebs and the last fabric is black with great creepy eyes everywhere.  I can't wait to work with it.   

Mint/aqua fabrics are really popular now and I had a hard time choosing some for my fabric collection.  I love the aqua snowman fabric and the accent trims.  This is the first loopy trim I've seen and I can see it on a pillow.   

We went to the Farmer's Market this week and I bought some different colored carrots (will be a new eating experience for me eating a purple carrot) and some beautiful purple peppers.  I mainly bought the purple peppers so I could paint them, but I wanted to taste them too (I posted the pepper study on my drawing blog).  They taste great, a lot like a green pepper.  Our cat had to investigate...  

My petunias are growing happily right now so I wanted to include them too.  Hope your garden is growing nicely!  Have a nice weekend.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Frog Pincushion, Vintage Rick Rack and Seashell Embroidery

I visited a new-to-me antique shop last weekend and found this frog pincushion.  I loved him and brought him home.  He's just a little thing, but has big personality.  I love his expression.  I cleaned him up a little and put him on the top of my bookshelf for display.   

I also found some rick rack that is fairly thin and had the vintage labels still on the package.  I've been lucky to find some neat additions to my vintage sewing notions collection lately.  I love hunting for them too.   

I've started a new "By the Sea" embroidery set and this is the first project I finished.  I think I'll be doing the whole set in purples and greens with a bit of blue.  Ocean colors.  Soothing. 

I also found some little notecards and stickers by one of my favorite artists, Patience Brewster.  She has such a great imagination and does lovely watercolors. 

 The last thing I found was a handwoven towel.  I used to weave years ago and looking back I can't believe I did because it really is a lot of work.  I have a kitchen drawer full of handwoven towels that I made, exchanged with others and have found here and there.  They last forever because they are made well, with quality materials and are thick too. I like to buy them when I see them at antique stores because I know how much work went into making it.  Hope you're having a great summer!      

Friday, July 5, 2013

Flower Girl Silhouette Hand Embroidery Pattern

I finished my flower girl hand embroidery pattern this week.  It was kind of an experiment for me because I haven't designed many embroidery patterns with people.  I love all the silhouette inspired crafts I've been seeing so I wanted to try this. 
I also wanted a simple color palette with blues and yellows.  I chose the darkest blue floss I had ~ Merlin from Weeks Dye Works.  It's a wonderful midnight blue with a touch of purples in spots. 

I liked embroidering on the batik fabric because it had a nice watercolor effect in the colors I was using.  I chose to make the daisies blue because the white didn't show up as well as I wanted.  

I wanted to finish her as a pillow decoration for my bedroom.  I usually use strips of fabrics to frame the embroidery to the size of the pillow.  This time I attempted a more patchwork look and my shapes matched up pretty well ~ I'm not great at math and wing the measurements most of the time.  Much less stress for me :)  Hope you're enjoying your 4th of July weekend ~ US readers.  It's finally below 100 here and rained yesterday so I definitely am. 


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